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In addition to the immense volume of material that we are making available in this audio E-book, we are happy to introduce to you a brand new way to consume this material. With a traditional ebook you are able to read but there is no audio to enhance the experience. With an audiobook you are able to hear the book but without the benefit of being able to follow along with text. Our Audio E-Book format gigives you the best of both worlds by combining the text alongside the audio reading of the book.
What’s Inside the “COACH” Audio E-Book
From the sample that we have provided you with above I am sure that you are able to see that our audio e-book is filled with valuable information. We start by offering to you a biographical overview of each one of the authors, which includes how they have combined to produce this material for you. Secondly, we go into various aspects of the what “Life Coaching” is so that you might have a better understanding of this rapidly moving industry. And finally we offer you some insights on the art of life coaching and even provide some recommendations for those who might be considering Life Coaching as a business opportunity.

What Makes this Audio E-Book so Special
Never before have three people put together in one binding an explanation and overview of Life Coaching so that it could be clearly understood by you the reader. The combination of the three authors will give you a perspective on the goals of Life Coaching that you perhaps have not considered before. The combination of business, youth, education and spirituality makes this audio e-book a “MUST HAVE. Don’t delay, use the link below and secure your copy of “COACH”.

Here are Some Additional Things You Will Learn

  • In this book you will discover how Life Coaching can positively impact your life and help you to access the untold potentials you have. We guarantee that this will change your life
  • If you are unfamiliar with Life Coaching this audio e-book will give you a crash course on the technique that is taking the country by storm. While we don’t suggest that you will become an overnight expert, we do believe we can help you become informed.

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