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Lewter Life Coaches was founded as a place where people who have busy schedules and assume that they have little or no time to seek out the services of a traditional life coach. This website was built in response, in part, to Covid-19 whereby people are now required to maintain a safe distance from each other and are suggested to avoid situations that put them in the same room as others.

The main focus of the website is to be a place where people can access a growing number of coach driven courses in self help, bible, youth, business and an assortment of other items as well. In addition, this website seeks to be a resource for persons who are interested in becoming life coaches themselves. We offer a robust training course that leads to certification so that you too can become a resource for other persons who could benefit from Life Coaching

Lewter Life Coaches is not a counseling service and does not mean to infer that they have any medical training or background in that area. If you feel that your issues are serious we recommend that you seek out professional assistance from persons who are credentialed in the area of Psychology or Psychiatry. We hope that you will enjoy what we have assembled for you as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.

Dr. Andy C. Lewter
Dr. Andy C. Lewter is a native of Brooklyn, NY and is a graduate of Long Island Lutheran High School, Oberlin College, Harvard University and the United Theological Seminary. He brings to the table an assortment of experiences, not the least of which is over forty years as a local pastor of four congregations in New York and Ohio. In the field of Life Coaching he has authored a best selling book on Amazon and has created over fifty online courses in a number of different fields and topics.
Rosalyn Lewter Aaron
Rosalyn Lewter Aaron graduated from Long Island Lutheran High School in 1973 and Spelman College in Atlanta, GA in 1977. She holds a degree in Early Childhood Development ad joins this coaching team with a specialization for young people. She is currently working on the release of a new book that will examine the hectic journey of the African American community in this country.
Tonya Lewter Gordon
Tonya Lewter Gordon also holds a degree from Spelman College after having graduated from the Long Island Lutheran High School. After college, Tonya entered corporate America where she did very well with All State Insurance. Now she has given her time to helping people navigate their lives in business and entrepreneurship. She is the co-author of a book entitled “Coach” that she has authored with her brother and sister.

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